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International Office

We are responsible for coordinating agreements and programmes on international cooperation as well as counselling students, staff, administrative personnel and faculties.

HSH aims at giving the study programmes and courses a stronger international emphasis and character, and making conditions favourable so that students, staff and administrative personnel alike can have international experiences through exchange periods as well as through teaching and research co-operation.


The International Office cooperates closely with the faculties and their international coordinators.

Departmental coordinators

Diploma Supplement

All graduates of Stord Haugesund University College will automatically and free of charge receive a diploma, a transcript of records and a diploma supplement. The diploma supplement will be issued in English and is only valid when presented with the diploma itself.

The intention of the diploma supplement is to give information about the study programme and degree and thus create greater transparency for international purposes.

For further information on the history, goals and implementation of the diploma supplement in Norway, please see the webpages for The Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (www.nokut.no)

View sample Diploma Supplement (PDF)

View sample Transcript of records (PDF)

Higher Education in Norway

All higher education in Norway is subject to Act of 1 April 2005 relating to Universities and Colleges. Public higher education institutions include eight universities, five scientific colleges and 20 university colleges. Norway also has a large number of private higher education institutions, 23 of which receive government support. These institutions carry out research and offer courses leading to academic degrees. The degrees, professional qualifications, regulated titles awarded by the institutions and specification of the length of each degree course are all laid down in a Royal Decree of 11 October 2002.

Degrees and qualifications

The Bachelor degree is awarded by all the state universities, scientific colleges, university colleges and a good number of the other higher education institutions, both private and public. It is obtained after three years of study.The Master degree is obtained after 1 ½ -2 years of study. An important part of this degree is independent research work between 30-60 ECTS credits.

Various professional qualifications are awarded by all the state higher education institutions and a number of the private higher education institutions. These programmes/degrees are of four to six years duration and cover both regulated and non-regulated professions.

The Doctoral degree Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) is awarded after three years of study following completion of a Master degree or a professional degree/programme. Doctoral programmes, which are essentially research programmes, are offered by all university-level institutions, some state university colleges and a few private institutions.

More information on higher education in Norway: www.uhr.no/index.htm.

More information on studying in Norway: www.studyinnorway.no.

The International Partners of Stord/Haugesund University College

Stord/Haugesund University College takes part in several student exchange programmes. HSH has also established several bilateral exchange agreements and study abroad agreements with universities and colleges in both European and non-European countries.

Click here to see a map of our partners.

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