Du er no i arkivet for nettsidene til tidlegare Høgskolen Stord/Haugesund. Oppdatert informasjon finn du på den offisielle nettstaden til Høgskulen på Vestlandet.

Student life


Fronter (www.hsh.no/fronter)

What is Fronter?
Fronter is an electronic classroom facility.

Fronter is used for:

  • messages from the teacher,
  • tasks, assignments, etc.

For more information concerning Fronter.

Fronter and your e-mail has to be checked daily!

Where to Get Help?
Students: contact the IT-help desk.

Those responsible are:

  • Vegard Anuglen - campus Stord
  • Mads Strange - campus Haugesund

Employees: contact

  • ALK and Furter Education: Svein Ove Lysne
  • ATØM: Paul Glenn
  • AHF: Arne Langøen


The timetable is available at:


You will have to create your own timetable by searching for your modules. After finding it in your search, you add the module by clicking on the title of it. It will then move to the right and end up under "My criteria". If you add all your modules before clicking on "Show schedule", you will get your complete timetable, with the right time and place for your lectures.

Please note that the time for classes sometimes may vary from week to week.

Unforeseen changes
The timetable should always be updated, but unforeseen changes in the schedule may occur. The lecturer will then usually post a message on Fronter.

What information can I find in the timetable?

  • courses

  • room

  • lecturer

How far ahead is the timetable valid?
The timetable shows all the courses for the current semester .

The timetable for the next semester is usually ready in the beginning of June and December.


Please note that there may be changes of date plan. You are responsible to keep your self updated.

Dates for school exams are published early, but dates for other forms of assessment, for example home exam and oral exam will be published continiously during the semester.

All written exams starts at. 9:00 unless something else have been communicated. Attendance, at the latest, 15 minutes before the exam starts.

Information about the room, candidate number, assesment deadline and final assesment is available at StudentWeb seven days before the exam, at the lates.


Learning Facilities

Stord/Haugesund University College has modern learning facilities such as computer labs, fixed and wireless Internet access and libraries with comprehensive database resources.


The University College has two libraries, one at each campus, with much literature in English. The libraries have been built up around the study programmers offered at the different campuses.

More information about the library facilities

University College's computer network

All students have access to their own domain within the University College's computer network. User access will be granted as soon as you have registered as a student at the University College.

Read the ICT Introduction for new international students here!

For more information on wireless connections and how to get assistance please contact the ICT Help desk, Haugesund campus, ikt-hjelp-haugesund@hsh.no, phone: 52702850 or Stord campus, ikt-hjelp-stord@hsh.no, phone: 53491500.


The ARK bookstore sell textbooks related to curriculum and publications of general interest, and also general literature, newspapers, stationary and cards.

Group rooms and reading room

HSH has several group rooms and reading rooms students can use.

Stord: for the group rooms at the library at Stord it is the "first come first served" principle. The other group rooms you have to book electronically. There are also workstations at the computer labs

Haugesund: Several group rooms which you book electronically. There are also workstations at the computer lab.

Reading rooms

Stord: at the library

Haugesund: on the ground floor (1076)

Extra reading rooms during the exam period will be announced on Fronter.

Please Note: Food and drinks are not allowed in the reading rooms.

Academic Calendar

Autumn 2016

Date Event
1 August Application deadline for admission to single modules, fall semester 2016.
Application deadline for restoring admission to modules or specific programs of study.
09-15 August Re-sit examinations (registration deadline 1. July).
15 August Semester starts for incoming exchange students (16 August for all other new students).
1 September Deadline for semester registration and paying semester fee, registering for exams and confirmation of individual education plan for the fall semester.
Application deadline for individual adaptation for exams.
10-14 October Midterm evaluations.
15 October Application deadline for students at Stord/Haugesund University College, who wish to apply for exchange in the spring semester 2016.
1 November Deadline for notifying examiners to the fall exams.
Deadline for notifying wishes for the timetable for the spring semester 2016.
7-11 November Module assessment.
1 December Application deadline for admission to single modules, spring semester 2016.
Application deadline for restoring admission to single modules or specific programs of study, spring semester 2016.
Exam plan for spring semester 2016 is published.

Mid-Dec.-Prim.- Jan.

Local student satrisfaction survey.
15 December Timetable for spring semester 2016 is published.
23 Nov-16 Dec Exams.
16 December Semester ends.

Spring 2017

Date Event
2 January Semester starts
1 February Deadline for semester registration and paying semester fee, registering for exams and confirmation of individual education plan for the spring semester.
Application deadline for individual adaptation for exams.
15-16 February Learning environment conference.
13-17 March

Re-sit examinations.
Midterm evaluations.

15 March
Application deadline for students at Stord/Haugesund University College, who wish to apply for exchange in the fall semester 2017.
1 April
Deadline for notifying examiners to the spring exams. Deadline for Deans to approve module descriptions and study programme descriptions for the fall semester 2017.
10-17 April

No lectures (Easter vacation)

15 April Deadline for notifying wishes for the timetable for the fall semester 2016.
24 Apr.-8 May Module assessment.
16 May-17 June Exams.
1 June Timetable for fall semester 2016 is published.
24 June Semester ends.
1 July

Registration deadline for re-sit exams (re-sit exams are held in the week before semester start in August 2016).

1 July Exam plan for fall semester 2016 is published.

Language courses

Students have the following possibilities to learn some Norwegian prior to arrival or during their stay:

SIU (the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education) has developed a course in Norwegian for self-tuition to be used before arrival in Norway. The course is called "Bridges to Norway" and consists of a textbook, in English, on society and culture, and a language course with two audio cassettes. For additional information please consult SIU at http://www.siu.no/

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology has developed a free online course in basic Norwegian language, available here. The course is non-credited, has no exams and does not lead to any diplomas or course certificates.

Leisure and sports facilities

The area surrounding Stord and Haugesund has a wealth of diverse attractions including galleries, churches, historical buildings and beautiful outdoor areas. The region hosts many museums which specialize in cultural themes such as coastal life, herring fisheries and the Wiking period.

For more informaiton on Haugesund and the surrounding area source: visithaugesund.no

For more information on the city of Haugesund Source: haugesund.kommune.no

For more information on Stord and the surrounding area source: visitsunnhordland.no

Student organizations

As an exchange student at Stord/Haugesund University College, one automatically becomes a member of SSH (Stord/Haugesund Student Welfare Organization). SSH's main task is to contribute to the students' well-being and promote cultural and sporting activities, health and social amenities, and provide funding for these pursuits. Membership also entails benefits for exchange students and other guest students.

Some of the services provided by SSH include the following:

  • Student housing/ Accommodation
  • Kindergartens
  • Student cafeterias

For additional information places contact SSH:

The Student Welfare Office Stord/Haugesund
Bjørnsonsgate 45
5528 Haugesund
Telephone (+47) 52 70 28 70
Fax (+47) 52 70 28 71

Student life is much more than just studying. Several student organisations provide a wide range of activities for all students. There are sport groups, student clubs, and political organizations just to name a few. Getting involved in some of the activities is a great experience in itself and also an excellent way of developing new skills, meeting other people and making new friends.

Student organizations at SHUC

Stord/Haugesund University College has a gym in the basement of campus Haugesund. Open Mon-Fri from 06.00-19.00.

Student democracy

At HSH there are several posibilities to engage in student activities, such as student politics throught the student parlament, or by joining some of the many student organizations and clubs.

The Student Parliament is Stord/Haugesund highest student political organ. It safeguards students' political and welfare interests, and act as an independent student body. Parliament acts as a consultative body for the College Board and is a member of NSO (The National Union of Students in Norway).

The Student Parliament work to secure the students' rights and propose measures for improvement within the overall learning environment at the university college. The Student Parliament appoints students to the various councils and committees at the university college. It is also the Student Parliament that appoints student representatives on the College Board and the Social Welfare Organisation Board.

The Parliament meets approximatly once a month, and alternate meeting place between the two campuses Haugesund and Stord.

Course catalogue

Student Centre (Ekspedisjonen)

Is the university college's information center for students, applicants and others who wish to contact HSH.

You can get help with:

  • student card and semester sticker
  • make an appointment with a student advisor or the examination office
  • student confirmation
  • Transcript of Records (should be ordered on StudenWeb)
  • submission of applications/registration
  • fault with student card/key card
  • lost and found
  • order a meeting room (please send e-mail)

For sending post to the student centre please send it to: HSH, PO Box 1064, 5407 Stord - mark the envelope "expedition / Student Centre".

Academic guidence

Information and guidance on the aims and structure of the programmes of study, the content and availability of modules, associated workloads, the methods and timing of assessments and the process of degree classification are published on the university college's web site.

Academic Advisers on each study program are available to discuss concerns, answer questions and give advice about different aspects of studying at Stord/Haugesund University College. Many students have questions at the beginning of their course but one can get advice and guidance throughout the whole study period at SHUC. The student adviser can also answer questions in relation to exams, give non-academic guidance if needed, give information on support services available or help with specific recognitions and diploma.

Contact a student adviser if you need academic guidance or advice regarding your study programme.

Student counsellor

If you have personal concerns such as anxiety, stress, lack of motivation or relationship problems you may wish to see a counsellor. Stord/Haugesund University College has a network of contact persons concerning student welfare and other social and practical matters. The contact persons provide students with information and assistance and are located at both campuses. Your discussion will be confidential and free of charge.

For additional information please contact the student counsellor Thomas Mikkelsen.


Medical facilities

Stord/Haugesund University College does not have a student medical clinic located on campus, but the Students' Welfare Association and the University College will help finding a doctor or dentist if needed.

The Norwegian National Health Scheme is based on a user fee system. General consultations cost approximately € 25. However, this fee will increase if one requires tests or goes to the emergency clinic or medical clinic. SSH administers a student health fund that may assist students with extraordinarily high expenses not covered by the Norwegian National Health Scheme, including dental care.

Emergency Clinic Haugesund Phone: 52 80 40 00, address: Karmsundgata 59B. Open Mon-Fri 15.30-24.00 and Sat-Sun 09.00-24.00

Medical Clinic Haugesund Phone: 52 70 18 00, address: Gard Senter, Nygårdsveien 6. Open Mon-Fri 08.00 - 16.00.

Emergency Clinic Stord Phone: 53 41 63 00, address: Stord Hospital. Open Mon-Fri 15.00 - 22.00, Sat 11.00 - 18.00 and Sun 14.00 - 21.00

Health Clinic Stord Address: Lønningsåsen 9b. Open every other Monday in even numbered weeks 18.00 - 20.00 and Wednesday 18.00 - 20.00. You do not need to make an appointment.

Emergency numbers:

  • 113 (Ambulance)
  • 112 (Police)
  • 110 (Fire)

Some medicines are sold without prescription in pharmacies (apotek) and food stores, but stronger medication (i.e. antibiotics) where a doctor's prescription is needed, is sold only in pharmacies.

General information about studying in Norway

Norwegian Agency for Quality in Education

Information from the Nordic Council

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