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The maritime safety research program (MarSafe)

MarSafe is a research program that encompasses all researchers at the Department of Maritime studies at Stord/Haugesund University College (SHUC). The program focuses on risk and safety within the maritime industry and investigates organizational and operational aspects of how risk and safety is managed.

Research projects

Research team

Researchers attached to MarSafe all work closely with industry partners and are involved in solving research questions that have been formulated in close cooperation with them.

The research is also highly relevant for their teaching, and both theories, research questions and results are brought to bear on what and how they teach.

The researchers participating in the MarSafe program are all involved in research projects that also involve other researchers at HSH, as well as researchers from external institutions, both nationally and internationally.

MarSafe researchers have a variety of academic backgrounds and investigate specific research topics and questions.

Grafisk dekorelementAdjunct Professor Ed Galea

Profile: Fire safety and evacuation

Grafisk dekorelementAdjunct Professor Egil Pedersen

Profile: Collision Avoidance and decision support systems

Grafisk dekorelement Associate Professor Helle Oltedal

Profile: Organizational safety management and safety culture

Grafisk dekorelement Associate Professor Bjarne Vandeskog

Profile: Social and cultural dynamics of risk
Research project: RISKOP

Grafisk dekorelement Associate Professor Hilde Sandhåland

Profile: Situation Awareness in bridge operations
Research project: SCSS-MT

Grafisk dekorelement Associate Professor Sveinung Erland

Profile: Smoldering fire and stochastic processes
Research project: EMRIS

Grafisk dekorelement Research Fellow Guro Fjeld

Profile: Operational leadership and non-technical skills
Research project: RISKOP

Grafisk dekorelement Research Fellow Laila Mehus

Profile: Safety management systems and organizational learning
Research project: SMMS


For questions about specific topics please contact the individual researchers directly.

For questions concerning the overall MarSafe program, please contact Associate Professor Helle Oltedal.

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