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Managing maritime safety

A book project for higher level students

The final manuscript has been submitted to Routledge, eight months after start-up of the project to develop a book in safety management for the maritime community, especially higher level students, researchers and practitioners. The final title of the book is "Managing Maritime Safety", edited by Helle A. Oltedal and Margareta Lützhöft.

Gruppe med åtte personer
The main authors of the book, from left to right: Assistant professor Paul Nikolai Smit, chief officer, Associate Professor Jim Parson, master mariner, Professor Margareta Lutzhoft, master mariner, Associate Professor Helle Oltedal, Associate professor Hilde Sandhåland, Professor Jon Ivar Håvold, Associate professor Bjørn Morten Batalden, chief officer, Professor Erik Hollnagel

"Managing Maritime Safety" will give you a thorough understanding of contemporary maritime safety and its management. It provides varying viewpoints on traditional safety topics in conjunction with critical discussions of the international safety management code and its application. The book also offers new perspectives on maritime safety such as ship and equipment design for safety and the relevance of safety management systems in particular the application of the International Safety Management code to remote controlled or autonomous ships. It provides applied notions of maritime safety management as well as opening new horizons for managers, decision makers, researchers, safety staff, seafarers and students alike. The authors all work in the maritime industry, as practitioners, in education, research, government and classification. The combination of wide-ranging and extensive experience provides an unprecedented span of views with a strong connection to the real issues in the maritime domain.

"Managing Maritime Safety" will be published and available in January 2018, and will contain the following chapters

  • Chapter 1: Setting the Stage for Maritime Safety Management, Helle A. Oltedal
  • Chapter 2: The History of Safety Management, James Parsons & Chad Allen
  • Chapter 3: Safety Management Systems, Bjørn-Morten Batalden & Helle A. Oltedal
  • Chapter 4: Culture and Maritime Safety, Jon Ivar Håvold & Helle A. Oltedal
  • Chapter 5: The Human Contribution, Helle A. Oltedal & Margareta Lützhöft
  • Chapter 6: Risk Perception, Michelle Grech
  • Chapter 7: Design for Safety, Margareta Lützhöft & Viet Dung Vu
  • Chapter 8: Autonomous Ships, ICT and Safety Management, Jonathan V. Earthy & Margareta Lützhöft


A book project for higher level students

After years of teaching maritime safety management for higher level nautical students, it was realized that a satisfactory syllabus covering both the main safety theories, safety management within the maritime domain as well as the requirements from STCW were not obtainable.

With this recognition, the four Norwegian institutions that offers higher maritime education in Norway, established a collaborative project to develop such syllabus with maritime master students as the main target.

The project had its startup August 2016, with the aim to have the book published and ready in the store January 2018. The book covers topics with a critical view of safety theories, safety perception, national and organizational cultures, bridge resource management, and human factors seen in relation to organizational safety management along with a historical background.


Project manager is Helle Oltedal.

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