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Risk in offshore operations (RISKOP)

Project financed by the Norwegian Research Council (project id. 225311).
Research Council project database: link
Project period: 01.05.2013-31.12.2017

Petromaritim FoU


The RISKOP project will target the identification and management of risk factors in IMR (inspection, maintenance and repair of subsea installations) operations, anchor handling and lifting operations offshore. Such operations carry potentials for both major and minor accidents.

Purpose of study

The project will study both types of accidents but the main focus will be to study everyday activities, behaviour and decisions that contribute to a successful operation. Our partners represent companies covering the total chain of activities within the actual operations; oil companies, drilling company, offshore shipping companies, training and course providers, simulator centre and producer.


The project consists of five work packages, with the first three covering the three types of operations, number four will study the relations between vessels/rig and shore offices and the impact of risk factors. The fifth WP will study and design the most efficient and effective training programs to be tested in simlulators, in the company training programs and the maritime, tecnical and management education at the University College (HSH).

We will use a combination of observational methods and in-dept interviews combined with focus group discussions onboard and onshore to develop the understanding of risk factors and how they are managed. This will be supplemented by quantitative questionnaires to map especially the relations between sea and shore.

We will develop a design for onboard discussions and learning from identified risk factors and situations and effective ways to familiarise the crew to awareness.

Preliminary results (by Oct. 2016)

12 internationally published papers, 53 presentations given, 2 educational tools and schemes (the role of the Medic in offshore operations, leading offshore operations).

Researchers (HSH)

  • Jan R. Jonassen (project leader)
  • Chunyan Xie
  • Lene Jørgensen
  • Idar Alfred Johannessen
  • Sturle Tvedt (2013-2015)
  • John Ferkingstad (2013-July 2016)
  • Helle Oltedal
  • Guro Persdotter Fjeld
  • Bjarne Vandeskog


Researchers come from highly recognised Norwegian, European and American Universities and are all personally highly recognised. The team cover several expertises. The 17 researchers represent in total 286 research years of experience, have produced 554 articles and have a total of 432 years of experience.

R&D partners

  • Polytec Foundation

Industry partners

  • Lundin Norway
  • Odfjell Drilling
  • Westcon Løfteteknikk
  • Solstad Offshore
  • Knutsen OAS
  • Eidesvik Offshore
  • Østensjø Rederi
  • DeepOcean as
  • Farstad Offshore asa
  • Kongsberg Maritime
  • SIMSEA as

Contact information

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