Du er no i arkivet for nettsidene til tidlegare Høgskolen Stord/Haugesund. Oppdatert informasjon finn du på den offisielle nettstaden til Høgskulen på Vestlandet.

ICT Introduction for new international students

A warm welcome to Stord/Haugesund University College!

Rules for using the network

All students at the University College of Stord/Haugesund have access to their own domain within the University College's computer network. User access to the network will be granted as soon as you have registered as a student at the University College. To maintain user access, you are obliged to keep yourself informed about current rules and regulations for the use of IT-services at the University College. IT-services means telephone, machines, end user equipment, network, programs, data etc., that are made available by the University College ? including local, national and international networks, or other sites that you get access to through such resources. It is strictly forbidden to change the setup of the University computers. This includes installation of software, drivers and all other change of content. The machines are intended for educational purposes. Rules for the use of the University IT services are available in Norwegian at the IT department homepages http://stud.hsh.no/itinfo/english/.

NOTE that everyone is obliged to keep themselves up to date on current rules and regulations. Violation of the rules may result in exclusion from the university collage's computer network.

User handling

User access to the student web is granted for the entire period of study. Students who have not paid their registration fees or been inactive on the computer network for the last academic year will be deactivated. Remember to always save copies of important files/documents on memory sticks or similar in case of corruption of the files.

Account activation

As a new student, you must activate your user account to be able to log on to a campus computer and Fronter.

Please enter the following address to activate it on one of the "open" computers in the Library at HSH:

www.hsh.no/aktivering. Please ask the library assistant for help locating these computers. At the Stord department at Rommetveit, please visit the IKT-hjelp department in the main building.

  1. Enter your 11-digit ID number (personal number) and your PIN code (both found in your folder) and select a password, to activate your account.
  2. Choose a password containing both numbers and letters.

When this is done, you are able to log on to all student computers and Fronter. Your username is your student number (on your student card) and your password is the one you just chose.

If you don't know your 11-digit ID number or PIN code, please contact the International Office.

Username and password

Make sure to remember and keep your username and the password you have created in a safe place. You will use the same username and password to log on to the computer network, your e-mail and the digital classrooms in Fronter. You should NOT keep your password in the same place as information on your username.

Print Quota

All students have a quota of 800 free printouts each academic year. You will be charged one per page using grayscale laser printers and 10 per page using the color laser printers.

Please visit IKT-Hjelp to be assisted activating your print quota.

You can buy more prints when needed at ARK bookstore.

Need help?

Please visit the helpdesk behind ARK bookstore in Haugesund or in the student administration department at Rommetveit campus, if you need any help activating your account or print quota.


All students are expected to actively use the StudentWeb application. You will use the StudentWeb to register for courses and exams each semester. In addition, you may withdraw from exams as well as review your exam schedule and results. Before you log on to the StudentWeb for the first time, you need your four digit pin-code which you receive in the welcome folder from the University College of Stord/Haugesund or from the International office.

  • How to log on
  • How to view the page in English
    • If the website isn's displayed in English after logon, select English in the drop-down list next to Tekst in the left margin.
  • What the site is used for:
    • StudentWeb is used for registration of courses and exams, checking exam dates and candidate numbers for exams as well as confirmation of addresses.
    • Please observe the deadlines for registration and confirmation:
      • 1. February for the spring semester
      • 1. September for the autumn semester.
  • How to register and confirm education plan (part 1)
    • Select Registrations -> Individual education plan 1 on the left menu
    • Verify that the information about your study program is correct.
    • Check the check box to confirm that you have read and understood the information
    • Click OK - save
  • How to register and confirm education plan (part 1)
    • Select Registrations ?> Individual education plan 2 on the left menu
    • Check that all the courses you have selected are included on the list for the current semester
    • If all courses are included correctly, confirm plan by clicking the button Confirm plan
      If some courses are missing, notify the international coordinator
  • How to confirm or correct addresses
    • Select to Address in the left menu
    • Check that the address entered under Home address is the correct mailing address in your home country.
    • Make corrections if necessary.
    • Enter your local mailing address under Semester address
    • Click OK ? Save when the addresses have been corrected
  • Check exam dates, candidate numbers and results (does not apply for nursing students)
    • Select Status -> Exam registrations on the left menu
    • Verify that you have been signed up for exams in all the courses that are included in your plan.
    • Check the date or deadline in the table and make sure to note the correct candidate number to use for each exam.
    • Select Status ?> Exam results to see your grades when the exam results are ready (normally 3 weeks after the exam).
    • Log out

Time table

  • To view the time table for selected courses (does not apply for nursing students)
    • Click campus Stord or Haugesund
    • Select Advanced search in the upper right hand corner
    • In the field Type, select Subject
    • In the field Name, enter the code for the subject or (part of) the name
    • Click the + button to select a subject
    • Select additional subject as needed by repeating the two previous steps.
    • In the fields under Week, you can select the weeks to display
    • Click Graphical format or Text format to display the time table for the selected subjects


  • How to log on
  • View in English
    • On the log on page, select English in the drop-down list next to Språk.
  • What the site is used for
    • Fronter is a virtual learning environment that is used for communication and learning online. At Stord/Haugesund University College Fronter is used to publish materials for classes, communicate by e-mail or public postings as well as for handing in exams online.
      Please be aware that Fronter has a specific tool called Ephorus which enables staff to run plagiarism checks on exams and essays handed in by students.
  • Check e-mails
    • Select My E-mail to view the e-mails to your student e-mail account at Stord/haugesund University College: @studpost.hsh.no
  • How to access rooms for your courses
    • Select the course from the drop-down list in the top menu or scroll down to the course in the list under Access/Entrance hall on the Today page.
  • How to download documents
    • Go to the room for the course that you want to download documents from
    • Go to the document you want to download
    • Click the document, then and click the button Lagre and browse to the folder on your PC where you want to save the document.
      - or ?
      Click on the arrow to the left of the document icon and select download. Click Save as ? then browse to the folder on your PC where you want to save the document.
  • How to upload exams (does not apply for nursing students)
    • When the exam rooms are made available, there will be information about how to upload exams in the room named Eksamensrom or Eksamensrom Stord (for those studying at the Stord campus at Rommetveit.

You can also learn more about Fronter by accessing the e-learning courses available online at http://fronter.info/courses/72/en/


Please send an e-mail to ikt-hjelp-haugesund@hsh.no or call 52702850 (Haugesund campus) or ikt-hjelp-stord@hsh.no or call 53491500 (Stord campus) if you have any questions. Good luck with your studies and have a pleasant stay in Norway!

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