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Studiehåndbokas emner for 2016/2017:

(English)English 2b

Brief Facts:

Subject Code: Å-E415
Department: Faculty of Teacher and Cultural Education
Number of Credits: 15
Taught During: Spring
Semester of Assessment: Spring
Program Sequence: -
Language of Instruction: English
Campus: Stord
Contact(s): Michel Alexandre Cabot (person with course responsibility), Kari-Jorunn Lunde (person with course responsibility)
Required Reading (Syllabus): Go to the library's syllabus web pages

Course Contents:

English 2, second part, builds on English 1 and allows for further development of specialization and training in language teaching. The course provides an introduction to a rich and varied selection of texts, both to further personal and professional growth and for the use in teaching within the primary and secondary school sectors.

The course also provides a deeper knowledge of the English language, with further development of language skills, textual competence and productive vocabulary. Increased knowledge of the cultural background of English is also included

Learning Outcome:



Students have knowledge of:

  • English text structure and linguistic methods and the critical and analytical approaches to literature and other texts
  • society, history and culture in English-speaking countries, including key works in the English literary tradition


Students can:

  • use the target language safely and competently, both orally and in writing; in different situations and genres, accurately, fluently and coherently
  • work independently on issues within language teaching
  • can work with and facilitate working with texts from a variety of English speaking countries, suitable for children and young people and present them in varied, challenging and inspiring ways

General competence:

Students can:

  • reflect on their own learning and practice
  • work independently and with others to identify, analyze and solve problems linked to their own learning and progression in English
  • maintain and develop their own linguistic, literary and cultural competence

Teaching Methods:

Different working methods are used, dependent upon the material being taught and that fit with good practice for School Years 5-10. This goes for both theoretical and practical elements of the course.

  • Lecture
  • Classroom interaction
  • English used as the language of delivery in the classroom
  • Problem solving exercises in groups or individually
  • Practical work with activities
  • Teacher and student- led exercises
  • Guidance - both individually and in groups
  • Information Technology - ICT:ICT is used as the means of delivering information to the students and a means of communication between students and staff. ICT is an integrated part of the work on the course and is used where it is appropriate

Practical information about the course:




Recommended Previous Knowledge:

English 1

Compulsory assignments:

Submission of written work and course of two weeks' duration in York. Those students who can't  attend the course in York will have to write a compensatory paper.

Course Examination Description:

Written exam: Literature, 6 hours. Weighting: 50 %

Study aids written exam: English-English dictionary

Oral exam: British Civilization, 30 minutes. Weighting: 50 %

Component NameDurationWeightSupporting Materials
Written exam: Litterature6 hours50/100
Oral exam: British Civilization45 minutes50/100
Reduction in Credits:
Have you already completed one or more of the courses below? If so, the credits you will receive for the course described here, Å-E415, will be reduced by the number of credits shown in the credits column. Possible deficencies/mistakes may occur.
Course Title Course Code Credits
English 2b, 5-10 LU2-ENG415 (1)
English 2, 5-10, second part LU2-EN415 (1)

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