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Studiehåndbokas emner for 2016/2017:

(English)Main Instrument, Musical Interaction and Teaching

Brief Facts:

Subject Code: FM-HOV315
Department: Faculty of Teacher and Cultural Education
Grading Scale: A - F
Number of Credits: 15
Taught During: Spring
Semester of Assessment: Spring
Program Sequence: 3
Language of Instruction: Norwegian
Campus: Stord
Contact(s): Synnøve Kvile (person with course responsibility), Wenche Bruun Lien (lecturer)
Required Reading (Syllabus): Go to the library's syllabus web pages

Course Contents:

The emergence of a diverse working life within the school and culture sector has created new challenges for future music teachers when it comes to artistic communication abilities. The subject teacher in music must be able to work with music as an experience and expressive instrument in an artistic and educational context. In order to meet these requirements the teacher needs to have a high performance level using their main instrument and demonstrate abilities to adapt and take initiative in interplay with others.

First and foremost the subject will facilitate the students being given training and follow-up using their main instrument for the purpose of further developing their skills towards a final exam. A large interplay project will form part of the subject and choir work will be transferred from study year one and two. Seminars, workshops and assignments focusing on communicating music and different aspects of the work as a performing musician and music teacher will also be added.  

In the work with the main instrument emphasis will be placed on the student further developing the technical and artistic sides of playing an instrument. Additionally it is a requirement that the student, to an even greater extent than previously in the study, must find their own expression and demonstrate a personal playing style. Emphasis will be placed on giving the student the chance to specialise and thus develop an understanding of genres and knowledge of styles. Communication will be key in the subject and this will be discussed as a topic in connection with presentations and projects. Through one or more ensemble projects the student will be given the opportunity to use their main instrument in situations of interplay with others. The project will result in a concert performance.

Learning Outcome:

- knowledge:

  • has insight into a broad and diverse repertoire for their instruments relevant to the profession they are preparing for
  • has knowledge of practice methodology and is able to use this in practice

- skills:

  • is a good performer using their instruments and is able to creatively use this in teaching and communication, independently and in interplay with others
  • is able to work with technical and artistic issues so that they become able to study, perform and communicate music at a high level
  • is able to interpret a register of notations and instructions from different style eras and genres and convert this into sounding music in an independent manner
  • is able to use creative and independent working methods including improvisation in solo and interplay
  • demonstrates the ability to listen, adapt to fellow musicians and fill their space in an ensemble
  • demonstrates the ability to reach out to the audience and create a positive concert atmosphere
  • demonstrates the ability to collaborate with others concerning musical interplay as a group participant and is able to adapt to these situations with regard to academic and social aspects
  • is able to use their voice in varied ways in connection with different kinds of choir activities

- general competence:

  • is able to apply different working methods in connection with performing activities and demonstrate the ability to take initiative in different contexts where practice and communication of music is in focus

Teaching Methods:

The forms of work in the subject will be linked to playing lessons, interplay projects, seminars, workshops, independent practice, and performance in different contexts.

Practical information about the course:



FM-HOV111 Main instrument or FM-MUS6 Main instrument

Recommended Previous Knowledge:

FM- ENS120 Ensemble knowledge

FM-HOV210 Main instrument and interplay 2

Compulsory assignments:

Performing mandatory tasks - verbally and in writing.

80% mandatory participation in teaching

Mandatory teaching is specified in the semester plan.

Course Examination Description:


Component NameDurationWeightSupporting Materials
Main Instrument, Musical Interaction and Teaching
Praktisk eksamen30 minutes100/100
Reduction in Credits:
Have you already completed one or more of the courses below? If so, the credits you will receive for the course described here, FM-HOV315, will be reduced by the number of credits shown in the credits column. Possible deficencies/mistakes may occur.
Course Title Course Code Credits
Main instrument FM-MUS6 (1)

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