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Studiehåndbokas emner for 2016/2017:

(English)Dynamic Positioning (DP-Induction)

Brief Facts:

Subject Code: NAB3032
Department: Faculty of Technology/Business/Maritime Education
Grading Scale: A - F
Number of Credits: 5
Taught During: Spring, Autumn
Semester of Assessment: Autumn
Program Sequence: 3rd year of Study
Language of Instruction: Norwegian
Campus: Haugesund
Contact(s): Johanne Marie Trovåg (person with course responsibility)
Required Reading (Syllabus): Go to the library's syllabus web pages

Course Contents:

Coordinate systems and datums, accuracy theory, quality concepts, satelitebased positioning systems, short distance positioning systems, acoustic positioning systems, mechanical positioning systems, compasses, movement sensors and automatic steering systems with focus on DP.

Learning Outcome:

- Knowledge:

The students should be familiar with the theoretical and practical basis for DP positioning and understand relevant quality theory accuracy theory and failure theory. They should be able to set up and use a DP console with relevant positioning references. The students should understand how the DP system is integrated in other vessel systems.

- Skills:

The students should train their skills in using the DP console. They should be able to react correctly to different alarms and warnings, and they should relate the DP operation to environmental impact from current, sea and wind.

- General Qualifications:

This course covers Nautical Institute's requirements for DP-Induction courses valid from 1st of January 2015.

Teaching Methods:

Lectures and simulator exercises.

Practical information about the course:

There will be a course fee. Further information will be given.


NAB1002 Terrestrial Navigation, NAB1015 Electronic Navigational Aids I and NAB1016 Electronic Navigational Aids II. Note; this course is open for 3rd year students with a min. of 100 ects credits in the study programme.

Recommended Previous Knowledge:

NAB1001 Physics, NAB1004 Practical Navigation I, NAB2004 Practical Navigation II.

Compulsory assignments:

Mandatory lectures and simulator exercises. Course Diploma is issued by Simsea.  Nautical Institute demands that the student must pass an electronic exam before Course Diploma can be issued.

Course Examination Description:


Component NameDurationWeightSupporting Materials
Dynamisk Posisjonering, skriftlig eksamen4 hours100/100No help allowed
Reduction in Credits:
Have you already completed one or more of the courses below? If so, the credits you will receive for the course described here, NAB3032, will be reduced by the number of credits shown in the credits column. Possible deficencies/mistakes may occur.
Course Title Course Code Credits
Dynamic Positioning NAB046 (1)

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