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Studiehåndbokas emner for 2016/2017:

(English)Marine Operations in the Ocean Space

Brief Facts:

Subject Code: NAB3035
Department: Faculty of Technology/Business/Maritime Education
Grading Scale: A - F
Number of Credits: 10
Taught During: Autumn
Semester of Assessment: Autumn
Program Sequence: 3rd Year of study
Language of Instruction: English
Campus: Haugesund
Contact(s): Odd Roger Grinde (person with course responsibility)
Required Reading (Syllabus): Go to the library's syllabus web pages

Course Contents:

Basic marine hydrodynamics:

  • Regular and irregular waves
  • Response in regular waves
  • Natural frequencies and resonance
  • Wave-induced motions
  • Frequency of encounter
  • Forward speed and current effects

Environmental criteria:

  • Weather window
  • Uncertainties in weather forecasting


  • Dynamic Positioning
  • Anchoring
  • Mooring analysis

Relevant Case studies:

  • Marine seismic operations
  • Cable operations
  • Anchor handling
  • Bow loading
  • Offshore vessels and operations

Learning Outcome:


The student shall:

  • Know the basic principles of marine operations in the ocean space with emphasis on how the environment is affecting the operations.
  • have a thorough understanding of the key environmental factors affecting the performance of marine operations in the ocean space,
  • know the basic hydrodynamics as a theoretical basis for operations in the surface zone,
  • know the basic principles in determining the operational window based on weather conditions,
  • have an overview of the principles and operational challenges of station-keeping,
  • have good knowledge of how marine operations can be modelled and simulated.


The students shall be able to:

  • understand limitations in modelling and simulation of marine operations,
  • propose and evaluate solutions for planning of effective operations.

General Qualifications:

The student shall be able to work in project teams of Marine Operations. He/she has the foundation to acquire new and more advanced knowledge related to work tasks and operations within the marine field. The student shall be able to contribute in discussions regarding relevant marine operations.

Teaching Methods:

Lectures, group work, self-studies and simulator demonstrations.

Practical information about the course:



NAB1012 Mathematics I and NAB1013 Mathematics II or equivalent.

Recommended Previous Knowledge:

NAB1001 Physics, NAB2002 Meteorology and Oceanography, NAB2010 Mathematics III

Compulsory assignments:

exercises must be approved (will be specified in the beginning of the semester).

Course Examination Description:


Component NameDurationWeightSupporting Materials
Marine Operations in the Ocean Space; Written Exam5 hoursThe University College`s calculator (Texas TI 84) will be handed out
Reduction in Credits:
Have you already completed one or more of the courses below? If so, the credits you will receive for the course described here, NAB3035, will be reduced by the number of credits shown in the credits column. Possible deficencies/mistakes may occur.
Course Title Course Code Credits
Marine Operations in the Ocean Space NAB3028 (1)

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